June 7, 2024

Whether you’re sipping on a glass of wine at the end of a long day or stirring an icy smoothie into a blender, a good ice machine can make all the difference in your drink experience. It frees up freezer space, helps you avoid running out of cubes, and can even enhance the taste of your cocktails and other drinks by helping them stay cold longer. But the best ice machine for you depends on a few different criteria.

If you’re in the market for a countertop ice machine, consider how much you need to fill glasses and how often you’ll be using it. You’ll also need to decide between an air or water-cooled model, as the former uses your home’s air to cool its condenser while the latter draws in water from a hose and may cost more to operate.

How each machine makes ice is another important factor. Traditional ice makers work the same way as an ice tray, filling a mold with water and freezing it until it freezes solid. The ice then drops into a storage bin or, with some models, into a grinder for crushing. When the storage bin is full, a sensor lets you know and stops production.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy ice maker, try this compact model from Igloo. It’s designed to be mounted under a counter or tucked into a bar cart and can produce up to 24 pounds of bullet ice a day. It’s simple to use and features a user-friendly interface that lets you select between nine small or large bullet cubes, as well as a see-thru bin for a clear view of your stash. ice machine

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