June 13, 2024

The seven chakras are energy lines that run down the body, corresponding to different areas of the body and believed to influence our physical health. Chakra jewelry helps balance these energies by bringing healing properties to the wearer, and in some cases it has even been said to improve your health.

There are many different ways to wear chakra jewelry, including a bracelet or necklace and earrings. Typically, chakra jewelry features crystals that correspond to the colors of the chakras. Some popular stones include jasper, agate, sodalite, carnelian and citrine. In addition, chakra necklaces often feature the crown chakra, which is represented by a radiant white or violet gemstone and is found at the top of the head like a crown. This chakra is thought to soothe your perceptions and encourage a closer connection with the spiritual self.

Using a crystal for each chakra is said to help bring positive energies into the body. For example, agate is believed to cleanse the emotions and boost inner wisdom. Agate is also considered a grounding stone, which can help you stay grounded in difficult times. Carnelian, a reddish-orange gem, is thought to increase your sense of confidence and personal power. Finally, yellow-hued citrine is believed to inspire courage.

In order to activate the healing powers of a crystal or gemstone, you need to hold it in your hand and focus your psychic energy on the object while practicing rhythmic breathing. This can be done any time you want, although it’s often recommended to do so during a full moon. chakra jewelry

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